95 King Street East

Craft Dogs – Creating the Ultimate “Toronto Dog” with YOUR help! PLEASE CLICK HERE

Our Public Service Announcement: We are dedicated to the Craft of making small-batch handmade wieners from ENTIRELY wholesome ingredients. There are no fillers, nitrates, phosphates, additives, or anything artifical or mechanically separated in our wieners.

The Dogs

We love hot dogs. Real hot dogs made with small-batch, handcrafted wieners. We couldn’t find a hot dog in Toronto that was wholesome AND tasted good – so we started making our own. We’re are out to redefine the way people enjoy a hot dog. Clean, wholesome ingredients, good cuts of meat, no BS.
Come in and taste how much we care about the food you eat.

Free Range Tweets

It's "National Hot Dog Day" come in and enjoy a Naked Dog that and dress it any way you want for $5
- Wednesday Jul 23 - 5:02pm

You might not be ready for the week, but we sure are with a new batch of hand crafted #wieners, condiments and... http://t.co/ENdCk8yxUq
- Monday Jul 21 - 4:55pm

Thanks #MOGO for putting us in the top four!... http://t.co/hzJFT7f4DO
- Friday Jul 18 - 5:34pm

AHHHH it’s the weekend! Stop being such a wiener and go have a #hotdog http://t.co/kukRJj0MDH
- Friday Jul 18 - 4:01pm